Friday, August 27, 2010

We're like technology and practices that help us get high off life.

And so, with the grand kickoff of my new blog (haha, right) I'll tell you a little something about Kangen water. It may not directly affect your state of mind, but it sets a wonderful background. You're favorite room doesn't just have good furniture, but it has a nice, relaxing colour on the walls.
You're life is your room, and the seventy percent of the body that makes you alive (water) is the walls.
I've been on the stuff for three days. I can tell you.. It's really magical. I normally need 10 hours of sleep, well now 8 1/2 and I wake up with a smile on my face. Indegistion? Gone. Energy? Lots of it. Positivity? Hell yes.

And no, I'm NOT being paid to tell you this, all though many are, and I could be making half a million a year selling the Kangen machines. Yeah, as in.. 500,000 dollars a year..

How it works? 2 things make Kangen water special
-P.H.: The PH of the water I'm drinking is 9.0. Normally, for tap it's like 5.0. For soda, its way lower. Lower is bad, by the way. You start off at 8.5 and work your way up to 9.5, by steps of .5 each week or so. If you go to high, your body can like the stuff too much, and go gung-ho into detox.. It gets rid of all the bad shit built up in your body.
So, that basically purifies your body.

-Molecular structure: Kangen rearranges the molecules with some ionizing magic, and turns regular, 5 sided macro-compounded water (30-50 chains of H20, very hard for you body to break up and use) into simple, microclustered 6 sided ones, (3-5 H20's) which is an enormous favor to your cells.
It's scientifically re-created by the same process that nature does on the top of mountains, and glaciers.

And also, it has been an aide to cure cancer, and any other disease ranging from obesity, to chronic pain.

It's good stuff. We recommend it. 

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